Friday, 27 April 2012

Communting to KL

One the thing i hate about KL is the traffic jam.

Totally and extremely hate it..

Yesterday with Pak Ngah and Rickee Lee go into from Kemensah Height to Bukit Bintang, since we are into KL and others are going out of KL so I can see tense, geram, unhappy faces stuck in the jam. I hard to find people that smile. With to much car, i hate be in a car in the moment, i hope i have a bike on that time so i would not be stuck there. Grrrr...

I don't have any vehicle except bicycle. The one i been use is my humble, just old 7 speed, not an super light Marin Bob Cat year 1994, If i have meeting or have any work in KL i refer cycle there from UPM. Just 23 kilometer from UPM to Prince Court Medical Center (since i have project last year there so use communing form UPM)

I commute to PCMC, Bukit Bintang from UPM for one and half month

There a simple my fact about communting to KL:

Exact Feeling when Potong kereta with Bicycle
  • The time taken for a bicycle and car going into KL in Peak Hour are same (average speed just 15 kmph)
  • You not tension, since you can potong all other vehicle Like A Boss, and you will feel happy.(although the car will potong you after that)
  • Bicycle is more easy that a bike, since if have some "lesen terbang" Driver which don't give room for motorcycle or bicycle overtake on the side, your bicycle still can lalu tepi and the motorcycle will stuck..
  • The most important you have your exersice without you notice, and save money for Fitnnes First and Celebrity Fitness.

I just need Small Crank... (read and assume is as a poem)

I just need Small Crank,
Coz I not a Hyper-Super-Duper-Canggih Rider,

I just need Small Crank,
Coz i'm a commuter,

I just need Small Crank,
Coz i'm ride with my friend, not racing with them,

I just need Small Crank,
Coz don't want to speeding since i will miss the view,

I just need Small Crank,
Coz I i know i not kuat kayuh,

I just need Small Crank,
Coz i need a leverage to bring my 120kg+bike going uphill,

I just need Small Crank,
Coz i may reduce the chain tare and save my money
coz i not hyper loaded...

I just need Small Crank,
Coz  i wanna to smile and wave when pass people along the way

I just need Small Crank,
Coz i not kaya to tukar rantai n cover ware in short term.
I just need Small Crank,
Coz i know it will make me Happy...

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Are should we wear helmet when ride bicycle? (Part One)

I do always teach student how to ride bicycle... Currently more that 500 student and staff have been joint the Bicycle Clinic since 2009 officially and unofficial. Before any ride, I like to courage the participant ask any question. There are a lot question been ask. Question I want to discuss in this post is "Is HELMET provided?"....

My answer is "YES" since I have about 100++ pieces of IronMag helmet. But from the 500 student, none ever ask "Why?"... Seriously nobody ever ask me why they need to wear helmet when cycling. I would like to ask the reader, why you wear helmet? 

Sometimes I don't wear helmet, especially in short ride or commuting in un busy route. There are some people criticise me, and say me are a bad example. Thanks for your concern, and i don't blame because we are Malaysian are "TOO CARE" to others. The reason I choose not to wear are because:-
  • I hope there are many people ask me "Why should we wear helmet?"
  • I don't want cycling been label as an dangerous  activities
  • I would want cycling in term of commuting been picture as simple as walking.
before any one think bukan-bukan i would like to clear that I am not anti-helmet. I don’t hate people who wear helmets, or think they are stupid, or childish. I think many of them make a perfectly rational decision to wear a helmet at least some of the time they are on a bike, and I believe that is their free choice, and I trust them to make a decision based on their own set of circumstances, as I would expect them to do for me. I do wear helmet when 
  • Ride Off-road
  • Ride or commuting in busy route (e.g Putrajaya in Peak Hour, KL around the clock since crossing Besraya highway)
  • Ride in group especially ride as sweeper since high possibility of accident
  • Planing for High Speed riding more that 25 kmph.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Start Bloging...

Bicycle are simple as it is... Helmet not save you for been hit, but it save you after been hit... avoid been hit in first place.. Cycling is not dangerous, and wearing helmet dont make it safe, if YOU don't make it save...


I Support using bicycle as transport rather that sukan super canggih...

This blog are medium for discuss, and the comment and input will be absorb in my research paper..

Thanks... Do like it, dont what to discuss, just go away and continue cycling with your super canggih bicycle, your lcyra and your tig

IN this blog i will share and discuss about

a) Cycling Education (how to ride save WITH traffic)
b) How get a (buy,restore,repair) a decent bike for everyday commuting.
c) Basic tips-tips..
d) Updated current programme by PUTRA BIKE CENTER
e) others that related to cycling...