Friday, 27 April 2012

Communting to KL

One the thing i hate about KL is the traffic jam.

Totally and extremely hate it..

Yesterday with Pak Ngah and Rickee Lee go into from Kemensah Height to Bukit Bintang, since we are into KL and others are going out of KL so I can see tense, geram, unhappy faces stuck in the jam. I hard to find people that smile. With to much car, i hate be in a car in the moment, i hope i have a bike on that time so i would not be stuck there. Grrrr...

I don't have any vehicle except bicycle. The one i been use is my humble, just old 7 speed, not an super light Marin Bob Cat year 1994, If i have meeting or have any work in KL i refer cycle there from UPM. Just 23 kilometer from UPM to Prince Court Medical Center (since i have project last year there so use communing form UPM)

I commute to PCMC, Bukit Bintang from UPM for one and half month

There a simple my fact about communting to KL:

Exact Feeling when Potong kereta with Bicycle
  • The time taken for a bicycle and car going into KL in Peak Hour are same (average speed just 15 kmph)
  • You not tension, since you can potong all other vehicle Like A Boss, and you will feel happy.(although the car will potong you after that)
  • Bicycle is more easy that a bike, since if have some "lesen terbang" Driver which don't give room for motorcycle or bicycle overtake on the side, your bicycle still can lalu tepi and the motorcycle will stuck..
  • The most important you have your exersice without you notice, and save money for Fitnnes First and Celebrity Fitness.

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